what they're saying...

Emily is a gifted yoga teacher and mentor for women who are ready to move away from overwhelm and create space for what truly matters. She has a beautiful approach and gentle demeanor. Beyond that, Emily lives what she teaches. She's an example to women everywhere of how to craft a fulfilling life doing what you love most!"

Cailen Ascher, Clarity Coach, CailenAscher.com 


After my private yoga session with Emily, I felt great! In our hour together, Emily guided me through yoga poses just right for me. She gave me gentle instruction that made all the difference in how the poses felt for my body. Her expertise comes across in a welcoming, accepting and joyful nature. I never felt "wrong" or "broken." Instead, she brought just the right blend of good-natured guidance. She is a treat to work with!

~Jill Pagano, Founding Director, The Center for Movement & Healing


I sought out Emily as an instructor because I couldn't make the time in my schedule to maintain a practice on my own. I loved practicing with Emily! She quickly assessed my interests and abilities and designed a practice that was perfect for me to slide back into a regular yoga routine. She inspired me to do a little on my own in addition to my appointment with her and shared resources to include meditation in my practice. 

B.L., Vashon, WA


I highly recommend private yoga sessions with Emily! I just finished my 9th session and I'm feeling so much better, both physically and mentally. Treat yourself to a series of sessions with her. You definitely won't regret it. I'm planning on signing up for another series of classes. Thank you, Emily!!

Reeney O'Reilly, Vashon, WA

We couldn't be happier with the ceremony. Everyone said it was the MOST beautiful wedding they'd ever seen. Beautiful in its simplicity and setting. And the way you weaved our stories together… it was so meaningful, touching, a memory for our lifetimes. Thank you!

~ S.R., Vashon, WA

Emily did an incredible job officiating our wedding. She was extremely prompt and available in responses to emails. She got to know us through meeting with us and a questionnaire for the purpose of personalizing the ceremony. She helped us craft the ceremony by presented a draft to work from and then editing as we wished. I was more than pleased with how Emily did the ceremony and felt it represented us perfectly. Thank you Emily!

~ L.S., Vashon, WA

Emily officiated our wedding ceremony. She took a lot of time to get to know us and she did a great job working with us to customize our ceremony. We couldn't be happier with how things went!

Steve, Seattle, WA

Officiated our wedding. Was amazing!!!!!

~ B.P., Seattle, WA

My husband and I are both so happy we chose Emily as our Officiant! She was patient and flexible with us prior to our wedding in planning our ceremony, was reliable and our friends and family really liked her. I would recommend her to any couple - especially one who is looking for flexibility or a non-traditional wedding. She did an amazing job! We couldn't have asked for more!

Jane, Seattle, WA